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Sunday, September 16, 2007

This week in Adharshila

Mirchi Week

This was mirchi week in Adharshila. After Jaya ordered a drastic cut in the red chilly in the daal and vegetable everybody was talking just about chilies or the lack of it. Chilly is the main spice and a favourite. So Jaya’s action couldn’t havee been taken lying down.
The older girls initiated a children’s meeting to canvass for more gun powder.
In the meeting Jaya put her point. She used all her persuation skills, and the facts that came out in the malnutrition survey conducted by the amazon group children last year. The survey, had shocked us when we found that even households with irrigation had malnutritioned children. The food habit survey had brought out the fact that very little veges or fruits were consumed. Mainly daal and in the lean season chilies were the favourite food.
More than half the children surveyed were found to be malnourished. Children were found to be eating mainly carbohydrates with chilies.

The older children understood the logic but chilly was part of a strong habit. Most of them agreed after she took the responsibility to get tasty food made without chilies. Finally they also made Jaya concede to put ten more chilies.

Well it’s five days now and every thing is fine. New things have happened in the mess. Like the fuel efficient, Sarai cooker, bought from AARTI, Pune was reactivated. Some other spices were added and Jaya took cooking classes of the older children who help in cooking.
As of now the matter seems to have ended.


Veena Lakra, doing her Masters in elementary education from Tata Institute of Social Science, Mumbai, is here for her placement. She is trying to understand the teaching methodology used in Adharshila for social science related topics.
Shailaja, an organic farmer stayed here fo about ten days and showed the children many new techniques of growing vegetables. Most of her time was spent in planting seed to develop a fence around the farm and the campus.

Bhutta Break

The fact that the children are leaving tomorrow for home for a short break has overshadowed everything else. This break is unique to Adharshila. The corn in the fields is ready to be eat. children are given a break at this time so that they can go home and have their fills of corn and other fruits mainly traditional varieties of cucumber and watermelons.

……so long.
Meet you after the break.


Rahul Banerjee said...

yes things have now brightened up a tad. i loved the picture of amit halfway through the tilling of the farm land. will do a lot to reduce his very obvious paunch. the bhutta break coincides with the navai festival. something should be put in regarding the importance of this festival for the bhils.

Adharshila Learning Centre said...

Hi Rahul,

me not sure if that is Amit with the plough ! If is, then the paunch will surely disappear soon.

Why don't you write in about Navai festival & its importance vis a vis bhils ?


Adharshila Learning Centre said...

totally off the mark. amit is with the violen not the bulls.
Navai was celebrated in Adharshila in a novel way. remember the jalebi race in school, where one had to jump and eat the jalebi with hands tied behind. something like that.... instead of jalebis there were the new fruits of the land - corn, kakadis and kaachras.
navai, as the name suggests has to do with the firt fruits of the season. basically one more reason to drink dance and be merry.
lets do it