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Sunday, November 8, 2009

The Party is Over.

A short diary of what's going on at Adharshila.

We are back in Sakad lazily to work. On coming back we realised that this hot November is full for us. Fighting with the neighbor over the boundary of our land trying to collect 25 quintals of fodder for our cow's family of 5 from the people who are growing wheat by taking electricity from our campus connection obviously by bribing the lineman - the official for the electricity dept.

Also there are going to be two three workshops with children - one to participate in a research with a Norwegian post doc. studying the Sangathan in Jhabua which we helped initiate. Another five day theatre workshop and another science workshop by a leading NGO -Eklavya.

The tomatoes have got virus and we are desperately spraying cow's urine. We have to uproot the ado and lake plot which gave us about 2 quintal harvest last season and plant methyl palace and mole. Maybe we will try more tomato.

The 3 volunteers after staying quite for 2 months have now started question about things which they had imagined and not finding here or had seen on the website but don't see on site. So a lot of time is spent talking to them. Another last year volunteer is coming back this year thanks to the motivation he got by living with us last year.

Our school kids are growing up and maybe we will have to start a marriage bureau soon.

Yes I forgot the Baal Melas in surrounding schools and villages. And there is an energy project going ahead slowly but steadily to reduce the wood intake of the mess.

The mistri is making a drain and doesn't care how much cement goes down. So I have to go. Hopefully Jaya will make instant coffee at 2.30.

So guys the axe has fallen. The party is over. A war is starting they say in Central/ Eastern India after Kashmir and North East. Once again Arundhati Roy has hit the nail where it hurts the most. They say it is the latest must read book - something like listening to the grasshoppers.
(Sorry for not putting any commas. This one's comma key doesn't work)


Anonymous said...

Amit, Jaishree,
thats a long gap between your last post and this one.
Highly informative nugget, though.

You sound tired, I hope your energies will be rejuvenated again soon.

love and strength,