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Adharshila Learning Centre is a unique school for adivasi children in Madhya Pradesh that views education as a tool for liberation...and a place of fun.

The Adharshila Learning Centre was started in 1998 by the Veer Khajiya Naik Manav Vikas Pratishthan.

The children have an active role in running the school.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Adharshila - We're on - 2012 -13

The new session of  2012 -13 at Adharshila. Its on. About 80 parents turned up at the new admission meeting on 25th June. 60 new aspirants have registered. Lets see how many turn up.

The enthusiasm is less as there are'nt any rains as yet. Its difficult, going to be more difficult. For the animals its going to be really bad. If you are a farmer you do'nt have to be a crystal ball reader to see the future year, sitting on dry land with no clouds. Just wind.

The uncertainty of agriculture is a real reason for people wanting to get their children to schools. The only link of schooling is with jobs. But the kind of education being dished out in rural schools, mostly in steel plates at the time of mid day meals, is the main reason for the lack of interest in schools. If you can afford it - the option is pvt. school if not wait for being 14 or 12 or whatever to go to a ginning factory when you can start earning. Till then small chores at home - tending goats, farm, this that, fun....

We too wait... for children, friends, volunteers, fee, donations, something to happen .. rain.

With all kinds of theories in the head, contradicting each other, principles and practicalities we are still at it   (" i still love you" our daughter tells us like a cuckoo clock)...

We cant let the dryness dry our spirits. Majali, Shewanta, Shanta and Badri bhai are at it. Running after the crane to pull out the tubewell, then to put it back, out again, more pipes, electricity, decorating the rooms, fodder for the cattle, talking to parents, entertaining the children, bargaining with the cooks...

....... living up to promises and the sparkle in the eyes of the newcomers.
Thats it. We can't dissappoint them.