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Adharshila Learning Centre is a unique school for adivasi children in Madhya Pradesh that views education as a tool for liberation...and a place of fun.

The Adharshila Learning Centre was started in 1998 by the Veer Khajiya Naik Manav Vikas Pratishthan.

The children have an active role in running the school.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Naatak India Company

Naatak India Company - the theater group of the children of Adharshila is going strong this year. This year's new production - 'Bhanai' is a play based on the state of education in rural areas. The play has been staged in 5 places in Madhya Pradesh and Gujarat in the last 3 months and has been performed by one group in Shahdol - district of MP.

Father and Son fighting after the son fails to get a job and wants to set up a liquour shop.
About the play
The play shows how the dreams and aspirations of the adivasis and the lofty ideals of the constitution and the post independence leaders are betrayed by the education system. It has hilarious scenes of stereotypical Govt. schools in villages. The teacher holds the play and sends the audience in fits of laughter. The second part of the play shows a TV panel discussion with the minister about the abysmal condition of Govt. schools where he proposes that privatization is the only alternative. The panelists refute these suggestions based on their experiences with private services in health and transport. The play ends with exhorting the parents to take a more pro-active role in improving the schools and to protest against privatization of education. The best part of the play is that it brings out the education scenario in a very entertaining manner.

The play has been written by Amit with expert comments from Jayashree.

We were lucky to have Avijit and Aakash to help in the rehearsals, sets and costumes for the first performance. The play was staged first at the State Convention of the Indian Peoples Theatre Association at Indore in October 2012. After that it was staged at Jan Vikas, Indore, Adviasi Sammelan - Palsud, District Barwani, Adharshila Learning Centre and National Adivasi Mahasammelan, Sagbaara - Gujarat.

We are game for going anywhere to stage the play, provided the hosts bear the costs of travel, hospitality and honorarium!

Have a look at the some photos of the this and other plays at -