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Friday, March 15, 2013

Calender -2013 - Haats - Weekly Markets

Great things and VIPs always arrive a little late ...and always manage to make a place for themselves in the front rows! and then like the traffic guys keep reminding us - better late than never ! so...finally the Calender -2013 is out.....and finished.. all of the 1000 copies. The money raised will be used for Adharshila.

 It is based on the theme of rural weekly markets or haats - a vibrant place for economic and social exchange in rural areas. The word Haat seems to be derived from the word Haata/Saata which means to exchange goods in place of each other or barter, in the bhilali, bareli languages of the adivasis of western India.

It seems there are about 47000 haats in India which come alive everyday with farmers, artisans and small traders living in the remotest of places. Everyday after the dust and noise of laughter, bargaining and fights, the market falls silent only to be resurrected the next day at some other place. People gather and disperse and trade worth crores happens without any middlemen. 
Who needs retail chains ?

Haats are democratic markets where producers sell their ware directly to consumers. Baskets, pots, vegetables, seeds, cloth.... anything.

People converge at the Haats not just to buy and sell but also to meet relatives, friends, a daughter married in a distant village, resolve feuds and for many other social reasons.