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Thursday, February 18, 2016

'Farming' Calendar 2016



Dear Friends

Hullo. As many of you know we publish a calendar every year to raise funds for the Adharshila Learning Centre, our residential school for adivasi children, in Madhya Pradesh.

We know you will be saying – "Calendar ?!! Now ? It’s February. You guys are real late."
Well yes. We are late, I guess. But better late than never, we thought.
The theme of the calendar this year is ‘Farming’. So we have an excuse – the monsoons were late and farmers are in real bad shape !!

OK. The ‘Farming Calendar 2016’ in it’s seven pages with colour photographs brings out the various major themes of concern related to farming – loss of traditional seeds, role of women in farming, erosion ofbiodiversity and it’s impact on our food and environment, struggles of farmers and the new innovative initiatives being taken up to improve the health of the farm sector and the importance of festivals around the agricultural cycle.

Besides being a delight to the eyes the calendar is a very good educational tool for workers of NGOs, school children and villagers
as it has short writeups on each theme in Hindi and English.

We are looking forward to you to distribute these calendars in your areas. The cost is Rs.100/calendar plus postage. Minimum order is 20 calendars. For less they are available in Delhi, Bhopal, Indore and Pune.
The images of the pages are attached. Regards and awaiting a positive response. Hope you will overlook the time taking into consideration the importance of the topic.
Jayashree and Amit
The Adharshila Team


Anonymous said...

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