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Volunteer or Apply for Teacher Fellowship at Adharshila Learning Centre for the session 2017 – 18 Beginning October-2017 We ...

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Donate / Sponsor a student
Our students are children from surrounding villages who pay a nominal fee, partly in grain, wood, or other material we use daily. By choosing to sponsor a student's costs, you can ensure that they are free to explore their creativity. Funds go toward food, housing and educational materials for a child. It costs approximately Rs. 6000 (~USD100) to sponsor a child for a year. Education began as a people's effort. We believe in keeping that spirit alive and developing linkages with people, making Adharshila a people's effort. We rely on personal, not institutional funding to keep us providing new avenues for children to explore. Contributions in Indian rupees can be sent via follow options: We accept individual donations. You can contribute online via _____ here or send a cheque, money order or demand draft by registered post or courier to the address listed here.

Adharshila has been an active voice in support of alternative education in India, and has had international audience since its inception. We have had volunteers contribute their time here as they learn about our philosophies on learning and rural growth while sharing their own. All we ask is an open mind. Please see below for some of the ways in which you can contribute. Contact us to explore your options.
Volunteers have found their way to Adharshila for years now, bringing with them their own area of expertise, interests, and desire to learn more. We have had volunteers doing projects in areas as diverse as film-making, health and nutrition, arts and crafts, solar cooking and alternate energy, acting and drama, sports and outdoors. Others have opted for help with teaching and curriculum development in english, math, science, or social sciences. Whatever your area of interest or expertise, we are always on the lookout for dedicated and open-minded volunteers. To see what our volunteers have to say about us, please click here.

Organic Farming
Organic farming is one of the main themes of our educational program. This is so because we think that our educational program should address the needs of the surrounding area. About 100 adivasi children stay here and are growing up with organic farming. Much of the daily food comes from these very farms.

We have been farming here for over 15 years now, using many of the tested techniques in the field. Please see the organic farming section of our site for more details. If you are interested in learning these techniques, while contributing your time to fieldwork, please contact us.

Short-term workshops
Volunteers who are on the lookout for more short-term projects or workshops are also welcome. Please contact us with any specific areas of interest that you would like to share with the students here.

Distance Involvement
If traveling to Sakad is not an option, you can still contribute from anywhere in the world through various avenues. We are currently looking for illustrators, and volunteers interested in curriculum development. Contact us to explore more options.

Help with Material Resources